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Grants Submissions and Division of Sponsored Programs

Dr. Neil Rowland and Cindy Heesacker

The Division of Sponsored Research (DSP) is the portal through which all grants and contracts must be submitted. The DSP website ( is very comprehensive.

Proposal Processing is located in 207 Grinter Hall, phone 392-9267. They can also be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are several staff members there who are extremely knowledgeable about proposals and will be able to find a quick answer for you. Grants are now submitted using UFIRST. It is your responsibility to identify an appropriate funding opportunity and to read the guidelines; the DSP staff can help you to interpret and comply with those guidelines, but they can’t find the funding opportunity for you!

If you are applying for the first time to a federal agency (e.g., NIH, NSF, DoD, or CDC) you will have to get a user name and password for their site. For example, to initiate the NIH “Commons” registration process, visit the DSP Forms web page and complete the NIH Commons Registration Form. You only have to register once (but passwords need to be updated periodically).

Frequently Used Facts – most grant applications ask for a lot of institutional information.

Your proposal must be submitted using UFIRST, which you can access at
>Main Menu

For NIH grants, the following is needed by DSP, although all grants have similar requirements. All documents should be attached in UFIRST.

  1. Solicitation number must be entered.
  2. Budget – this must be entered in UFIRST, an excel attachment will not be accepted in place of entering the budget. You must include a 3% salary inflation rate, and a 5% tuition inflation rate; if this is an NIH proposal you must also enter a salary cap of $185,100.00 under personnel costs.
  3. Budget Justification – is also required by the Dean of CLAS.
  4. Scope of work – is also required by C&G.
  5. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Form:
    1. The FCOI form must be added in UFIRST Smartform under 2.1; 1.0 Select UF Personnel.
  6. If UF will receive a sub-contract on your behalf, please check with the PI at the Prime Institution to obtain any necessary documents Proposal Processing will need to send to them. Please upload as an attachment in UFIRST, if they need a letter of intent and they do not provide you with one, see templates:
  7. If you are receiving a sub-contract or if this is a non-federal grant please indicate in 7.0 of the Smartform (who, when, where, and how) to send your submission.
  8. Cost Sharing Documentation if any, see below:
    2. For Mandatory Cost Sharing: You will need a copy of the funding agency’s guidelines and their written commitment from the individual authorized to commit the resources.
    3. For Non-mandatory or Voluntary Committed (offered to the sponsor in a proposal): You will need a CLAS Dean’s written approval. The Chair has a form letter for this purpose.
  9. The Department’s required “No Additional Grant Resources” form.
  10. Once you have completed UFIRST, please contact Cindy Heesacker to review.
    • You will then need to press “Certify” under My Activities
    • Next you will need to press “Submit for Review and Approval “ under My Activities
    • Once all of the Science is complete in the SF424 you will need to press “Ready for Submission to Sponsor” under my Activities
    • If you are not submitting a federal project and your submission is complete press the “Submit for Review and Approval” and “Ready for Submission to Sponsor”.

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