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Undergraduate Information


The initial developmental psychology survey course (DEP 3053) is followed by courses that explore in more depth several age periods and topics of development, including: Infancy (DEP 4115), Adolescence (DEP 4305), Cognitive Development (DEP 4163), Aging (DEP 4404) and Death and Dying (DEP4930). Specialized seminars are taught on a revolving basis (DEP4930). To obtain additional information about developmental undergraduate courses click catalog.

Research opportunities

Gaining research experience in Developmental psychology is a great way to learn outside the classroom. Undergraduates can join faculty research teams for course credit (PSY 4911). To explore some but not all of the opportunities for working with developmental faculty, as well as other faculty, visit the psych-advising site or office (Psych. 135).

Undergrad Christina tests child

Undergraduate Christina Tests Young Child on Cognitve Task
Farheen tests older adult

Undergraduate Farheen Checks EEG Electrodes on Older Adult

Volunteer Opportunities

Students are able to volunteer in developmental settings in the community with children, adolescents, and older adults for course credit (PSY4949). To explore volunteer options, visit the psych-advising site or office (Psych. 135).