Requirements for the Psychology Major

Critical-Tracking Courses

  • PSY 2012, General Psychology
  • One additional psychology course
  • One of the Foundation-level courses (i.e., Group A or Group B)
  • STA 2023
  • One of BSC 2007, 2008 or 2010
  • Either MAC1147 or both MAC1140 and MAC1114

See the undergraduate catalog,, for more information about critical tracking, GPA requirements, and a recommended semester plan. The Psychology Academic Learning Compact can be accessed at

Requirements for the Psychology Major

An undergraduate psychology major consists of a minimum of 36 semester hours of psychology. At least 30 of the 36 hours must be in upper division (3000- or 4000-level) courses. At least 18 of the 36 hours must be taken at the University of Florida. To count toward the 36-hour total, a grade of "C" or better must be earned in all graded courses, including the required non-psychology courses, such as statistics. Coursework must be distributed as follows:

  1. Introductory level: PSY 2012 (or its equivalent, such as a general psychology course taken elsewhere, or a score of 3 or above on the AP psychology exam).
  2. Foundation level: These courses form the core of the major. Each is an introduction to one of the substantive areas of psychology. You must choose two courses from Group A and two courses from Group B:

    Group A:
    • CBH 3003, Basic Comparative Psychology
    • EAB 3002, Principles of Behavior Analysis OR EAB 3764, Applied Behavior Analysis (not both courses)
    • EXP 3104, Sensory Processes OR EXP 3106, Sensory Processes with Calculus (not both courses)
    • EXP 3604, Cognitive Psychology
    • PSB 3002, Physiological Psychology OR PSB 3340, Behavioral Neuroscience (but not both courses)

    Group B:
    • CLP 3144, Abnormal Psychology
    • DEP 3053, Developmental Psychology
    • PPE 3003, Psychology of Personality
    • SOP 3004, Social Psychology
  3. Laboratory courses: Either the 3-credit general laboratory course (PSY 3213L, Research Methods) or one of the 4-credit specialized laboratory courses listed below are required. Both the general and a specialized laboratory course may be taken. Students considering continuing in graduate school are strongly encouraged to take one of the specialized laboratory courses. All of the specialized labs have as a prerequisite the foundation level course with the same prefix as that of the lab and completion of at least one of the two statistics courses with at least a C grade (except EAB 4714C and SOP 4214C, which require a STA 2023 grade of at least a B).

    Specialized laboratory courses:
    • DEP 4704C, Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
    • EAB 4022C, Laboratory Procedures in Behavioral (oriented toward animal behavior)
    • EAB 4714C, Laboratory in Applied Behavioral Analyses (oriented toward human behavior in applied settings)
    • EAB 4724C, Laboratory in Precise Behavioral Management (oriented toward human behavior in education settings)
    • EXP 4174C, Laboratory in Sensory Processes
    • EXP 4934C, Laboratory in Cognitive Processes
    • PPE 4324C, Research Methods in Personality
    • PSB 4104C, Laboratory in Physiological Psychology
    • SOP 4214C, Research Methods in Social Psychology
  4. Additional courses: You must choose enough additional courses from the 3000-, 4000-, and 5000- level courses in psychology to meet the 36 hour-minimum requirement. Note that 3 credits of 2000-level courses can count toward this requirement. The UF correspondence course in Industrial/Organizational psychology (INP4004) can also count toward this requirement, as will 3000- and 4000-level courses in Clinical and Health Psychology. In addition, up to 9 credits of individual work courses (see below) will count toward the 36-hour minimum requirement.
  5. Individual Work Courses (optional):In addition to regularly scheduled courses, the department offers five individual-work courses, three involving research (PSY 3912, PSY 4905, and PSY 4970), one involving teaching (PSY 4940), and one involving community work (PSY 4949). Up to 9 of these hours will count toward the 36-hour minimum requirement. For more information about these courses, visit the psychology advising website, or see an advisor in the psychology advising office.
  6. Statistics: Two statistics courses, STA 2023 and STA 3024 (6 credits total), are required. STA 2023 is a prerequisite for all 4000- and 5000-level courses in psychology and therefore should be taken before laboratory courses. It is recommended that STA 3024 be taken before or concurrently with any specialized laboratory. None of these hours count toward the required 36 credits of psychology courses; non-psychology courses such as statistics fulfill a separate requirement.
  7. Mathematics: Proficiency up through pre-calculus is required. One math course, MAC 1147, Algebra and Trigonometry (4 credits) or higher will meet this requirement. MAC 1114 and MAC 1140 (5 credits) may be substituted for MAC 1147
  8. Biological Science: Completion of BSC 2007, 2008, or 2010 is required.
  9. Developing Writing Skills (optional). It is strongly recommended that majors considering graduate school take PSY 3220, Communicating Psychological Science. PSY 3220 provides important preparation for writing research reports in the required laboratory courses and can also fulfill the second composition course required by the college. The course also enhances application to graduate and professional schools (e.g., writing an effective essay on the application form) and counts toward the Psychology major. Students are encouraged to take the course as a junior or first-semester senior. Students who do not meet the prerequisites and need permission of the instructor to take the course should contact the psychology advising office.
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